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I wanna know what you think of this concept:

Home Manufacturing & Marketing Collective

It would be a (local?) group to share 3D printer(s), bulk materials, et cetera, and web promotion/sales of hand crafted and other cottage industry products and skills.

It could be themed on a locality, so as to include local food and seeds, trading used cars, et cetera, or a hobby, topic, et cetera. Ideally there would be a system that included what/wherever you you want to sell, buy, or trade; but if I alone build it that ain’t gonna happen – that’d be a big team sized job just to do the design, set-up, content, or outreach.

It would ideally also include a skills bank, a set of vids, pages, et cetera, to share well selling skills (sets) that are easily learned, to attract new producers and empower members and/or communities, and/or friends, family, and neighbors.

The point is to give each other employment, opportunity, and a better source of better goods. It could easily also double as a time/labor exchange, or even develop into a full bore medium of exchange (currency).

The core of the concept I’m setting out here is buying 3D printers collectively and sharing different ways to use them, marketing otherwise unobtainable replacement parts, pieces designed to foster handcrafting, and products made at home that could not otherwise exist.

Whadda ya think of the general idea?
Got anything to add to, or subtract from, the options and theme laid out here?

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  • Monte LetourneauLocal deliveries to a GPS point by “drones” is already happening in some cities, it could also be part of many such cooperatives.
  • Denise SchuhWhat do you mean by this?? Would like to learn more .. I think local plus national connections are ideal … way to get materials not local, and I know of other communities, particularly CO doing same.
  • Monte LetourneauThis would be a coop for owning 3D printers to start, from where I sit, but it could start with someone who saved up a lot of acorns and some good ideas for marketable handcrafts involving them.
    My personal interests go towards exchanging seed and growing experiences with those who share my unique biome (WI Central Sands), and getting some work for myself and friends.
    A starter in a rural area and one in an urban area would look very different.
    As much as the unique difficulties of finding and sharing work and customers in rural areas need to be my focus, I am also interested in things that may be more appropo in urban areas (like flying bot deliveries, which “drones” would have better use (?!?) in rural areas looking at crops?).

    The question I have first is where do we start?
    Only then to refine it to where do I start?
  • Monte Letourneauto be continued/archived at http://montesite.net


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